As a brand, we love getting new product out to you all. More than anything we love creating and producing dope streetwear. Say hello to our new patchwork collection featuring our pyramid wreath crewneck with or without a P.A.P. Clothing sleeve patch and a limited supply of oversized unisex patch denim collared shirts that comes in a range of sizes. These streetwear pieces have a contemporary feel while preserving their classic, everyday style. These pieces took a while to create, and were done so with passion and dedication. We refuse to put out anything that we ourselves would not wear with pride. As a team at P.A.P. Clothing, we hope you all enjoy the new releases and find your own creative ways to wear these patch styles.

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Pyramid Wreath Sleeve Patch Crewneck

Pyramid Wreath Crewneck

Oversized Denim Collared Shirt